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BizSmart™ for Banks and Financial Institutions, is an Integrated Legal Documentation Management System, enabling automation and digitalization of a rather costly and time-consuming process.

The compilation of legal documents filed by the bank’s potential and existing customers, as well as the following legal consultation by the bank’s legal advisors is a prerequisite in order for an entity, either a company or an individual, to either become a customer of the bank or renew its relationship

The Legal Documentation Management Process involves various worksteps and requires the execution of numerous processes and tasks on a daily basis.

The key consequences of the lack of automation can be summarized in the following:

  • High Cost
  • Signi­ficant Delays
  • Potential Loss of Documents
  • Errors due to manual data entry
  • Limited capability of tracking legal consultation progress and due dates
  • Limited capability of producing integrated reports that facilitate business decision making since data are stored in various IT tools and applications
  • Increasing need of storage facilities due to large volumes of printed legal documents.

Trusted by banks, such as Eurobank and Alpha Bank, for over 15 years, BizSmart™ for Banks is an advanced Legal Documentation Management System that achieves a significant impact on related Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), through process simplifi­cation and End-to-End process automation:

  • 20-50% – Increase in Productivity
  • 30-90% – Reduction in Delays
  • 80% – Reduction in End-to-End Process Time
  • 100% – Reduction in Hard Copy Storage &Transfer Costs

Feature wise, BizSmart™ for Banks implementation, begins with the graphical representation of worksteps that are then automatically accompanied by a functional implementation stage, through a typical web browser on internet or intranet environment. Our system is feature-rich yet fully customizable and with a multilanguage user interface.


BizSmart™ for Banks Overview

Seamless Integration with existing Bank Systems & Applications

  • Integrated information flow, through Open Architecture that interfaces with existing systems & applications (Enterprise Application Integration).

Management & Reporting

  • Effective management and control of the process through tracking and control of: “who”, “where”, “how”, “when” and “why”.
  • Extraction of integrated reports that facilitate decision making.

Risk Reduction

  • Mitigation of related operational risks (e.g. GDPR, Health & Safety), through the replacement of hard copy documents and folders, with e-documents and e-forms. Improved security.

Employees’ empowerment

  • Better allocation of responsibilities for all personnel involved and increased daily number of processed requests, without simultaneous increase in demand for human resources.
  • Increased productivity of employees, who have more available time to deal with the substance of their work, and not with bureaucracy.
  • Automated, error free and easy end-to-end process execution on a user-friendly system.
  • Enablement of remote working.

Customer Satisfaction

Improved customer experience through:

  • Meeting service time promises to customers
  • Accurate status updates
  • Error-free customer service
  • Remote service capability

Download BizSmart™ for Banks pdf

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