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Who can benefit from Endysis…

  • Hotels & SPAs
  • Shipping Companies
  • Construction Companies
  • Private Security Companies
  • Private Hospitals
  • Any company and organization with linen, apparel and equipment management needs.


  • Minimization of operational costs through automated processes (live update and direct monitoring)
  • Real-time monitoring and evaluation of inventory
  • Optimize purchases forecast
  • Vendors comparison and accountability
  • Ability to work “on the go” through any mobile device
  • Paperless process eliminating printing and filing
  • Increase of productivity through direct communication and proper cooperation

What is Endysis

Endysis is a web application for centralized apparel & equipment management: from ordering and sizing, to assignment and final discard. Α complex task for a company’s apparel & equipment department is to purchase and combine different garments and items to compile a uniform and to assign it to a specific job position and employee. Then, one must keep track the condition of each item, to accommodate its maintenance (cleaning & repairing), to monitor its ageing and when needed discard it. With ENDYSIS, the task is simplified through automated processes. Let’s see how it works.

Ordering & Warehouse

Through ENDYSIS, companies can monitor their garment and item orders, their warehouse – employee transactions and  keeping track of their inventory accurately and in real-time. The compilation of uniform per position and role can be done through real inventory data (exact items in stock) and be published as active. Thanks to the versioning functionality of the system, companies can have insight on previous uniform compilations and make sure that all necessary amendments have been made on time. In addition, the system provides information on the lifecycle of each item in terms of ageing, offering the benefit of on-time replacement. Finally, the system monitors any alterations needed to fit properly the employee.

ENDYSIS includes an Inventory module that keeps track of the items from  the supplier’s order to one or more warehouses and from these facilities to employees. An extra functionality updates Stock through frequent inventory process.  The application comes with a built-in Barcode scanning functionality to simplify the inventory and assignment process.

Vendor Accountability

ENDYSIS keeps track of all items that need to go out to a vendor to be cleaned, repaired or tailored. It can also track the frequency that items are being repaired or replaced, conducting useful conclusions on the quality supplied by the vendor. Through it, one can accurately record different vendor activities and indexes and infer conclusions on the effectiveness of a partnership in terms of cost and quality.

Employee Records

ENDYSIS provides employee records, featuring detailed information on all items, garments and equipment assigned to them (or pending). Through real-time data, the apparel department can assign to each employee the number of different items prescribed in the relevant role. In case of out of stock, excess or wrong item assignments, the system generates automatically updates and notifications in real-time.

From the end-user perspective, each employee can check their uniform status and receive notification emails on their mobile device.

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