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Evaluation and target-setting are critical procedures for every organization. You need to have access to critical performance indexes, in order to assess if your resources have been used in a way to produce value or not. However, it’s a painstaking job and sometimes those indexes present only quantitative and not qualitative data; in other words, you can only see one side of your business growth. So, how can you set fair targets for your employees, measure their achievements based on these targets and evaluate their performance? Well, Equity might be the solution you’re looking for.

We believe in Equity and we’ve implemented it.

Based on the world-renowned methodology of Balanced Scorecard, “Equity” aims to a holistic and balanced performance approach of a department or an employee. Financial indexes cannot depict sufficiently the performance of a company, because they do not reflect its strategy and those components that are critical to it. “Equity” is inline with the organization strategy, aims to strengthen internal communication and helps to serve the company’s vision. The solution is highly configurable and can cover all of the indexes that fit better the operation and market placement of each organization. It is web enabled, which means that the solution is always available through a web browser and can consolidate data from other internal information systems such as ERP, workflow systems, call centers etc.

What’s in it for you…

Well, by choosing “Equity” you will benefit in more than one ways, and among others you will be able:

  • to have detailed information on your company’s performance in more than one sector, simultaneously.
  • to extract useful conclusions on how to ameliorate your performance.
  • to achieve management by objectives (MBO) and to help your executives to aim on indexes that reflect the company strategy and vision.
  • to motivate your personnel.
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