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.NET Framework

Should you choose .NET Framework to develop a custom solution over another framework? Well, that depends… Our consultants can identify your business needs and help you decide if .NET Framework does the works for you. In that case, we can build and deploy web-based applications, using whether the “traditional” full stack (MS-SQL Server, ASP.NET), or other variations, depending on your business needs.

.NET Framework is our specialty

Over the past years, we have developed a wide range of applications using Microsoft.NET Framework. We have also build our flagship Syndesis™ and CrewLifeSimple™ applications using .NET.

Microsoft.NET takes advantage of Microsoft’s IT ecosystem: Windows and Windows Server OS, SQL Server, IIS/Application Server, Microsoft Office etc. It is the framework of choice for a large number of implementations:

  • Windows forms applications
  • Universal Windows Platform, spanning many different device types (desktop, laptop, tablet, phone)
  • Mobile applications, either native (Windows Phone /UWP), or Xamarin / Cordoba / Ionic based.
  • Office Add-Ins that leverage the usage of Microsoft Office™ products (Word, Excel, Outlook etc)
  • Windows Services (desktop or server).
  • Web Services.
  • Web / IIS applications, especially for intranet usage
  • SQL Server Database, Business Intelligence and Reporting applications
  • Sharepoint applications, on-premises and cloud
  • Addin/plugin libraries for 3rd party applications (ERP, CRM etc)

So, there you have it! We can implement whatever kind of application you have in mind. We can also mix various application types to fit your needs. For example, we can build a Web API (Web Service) on top of a SQL Server Database Application and feed a Web or Mobile App, alongside with reporting and BI.

From requirements gathering to design to implementation to testing, we deliver on-time and on-budget. Whether you want simply to migrate from older legacy applications (e.g. VB, VBA, ASP) to newer versions or you need to build a custom solution addressing your business needs, iteam is your trusted partner.

Microsoft, Microsoft.NET,, Windows, Windows Server, SQL server, Sharepoint, Office, Excel, Word are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation

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