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Tracking business processes is a critical procedure for every organization. Being a core asset, business processes are closely coupled activities grouped together to meet an organizational goal or to deliver a service or a product. Their employment help the company to understand, manage and coordinate its activities to transform an input into a more valuable output. So, it goes without saying that the performance of your organization depends heavily on how well its business processes are designed and coordinated, and certainly you need the right methodologies to achieve that such as structured and automated workflows and efficient evaluation systems. Lucky you, we’ve got both!

Workflow management

One key factor for the successful and efficient execution of business processes is the employment of a workflow system. This will guarantee you that your business processes are streamlined, optimized and effective. Besides the obvious advantages and benefits that workflow systems offer you, there are some more, that are more subtle but equally critical for your organizational performance; Workflow systems reduce cost by shortening project duration and reducing the need for manual work; In addition, a workflow system helps you improve accountability and communication within your organization by setting specific tasks, timelines and roles. Whether you already have a workflow system or should you want to invest in one, we are the right people to talk to.

Evaluation systems

Tracking business processes is a critical procedure for every organization. You need to have access to critical performance indexes, in order to assess if your resources have been used in a way to produce value or not. However, it’s a painstaking job and sometimes those indexes present only quantitative and not qualitative data; in other words, you can only see one side of your business growth. So, how can you set fair targets for your employees, measure their achievements based on these targets and evaluate their performance? Well, iteam’s Equity might be the solution you’re looking for…

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