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iteam sa, recognizing the importance of the environment’s preservation, commits to organize its activities accordingly. In that scope, iteam has implemented recycling and energy saving programs at its premises whiles its personnel knows thoroughly the environmental policy of the company and helps to achieve the goals set by the management.

iteam proves its commitment through:

  • the implementation of recycling programs at its premises
  • the substitution of old heat/cooling units with newer technology air conditions (class C)
  • reducing the number or corporate cars and thus the scope II GHG emissions
  • “green procedures” for day-to-day activities
  • guiding its clients towards choosing and implementing “green” solutions.


iteam sets the following goals:

  1. To use and maintain “green” equipment (laptops, LCD monitors etc).
  2. To implement an effective recycling program for batteries, toners, printer cartridges and paper in collaboration with specialized companies.
  3. To reduce the total of its energy consumption by 1%.

How to achieve these goals:

  1. Calculate the reduce our energy footprint by:
    1. keeping a consumption history and comparison
    2. migrating infrastructure to the cloud
    3. shutting down 90% of the equipment of the premises after working hours (except for the servers that need to operate 24/7)
  2. Adopt paperless procedures (electronic filing, less printing)
  3. Continue the recycling programs in collaboration with specialized companies.

Environmental Policy Check
Iteam commits to run an internal check on an annual basis in order to confirm if the goals have been met or not, and then to review, optimize and update its environmental policy.

Fines & Penalties:
iteam commits to publicly disclose any regulatory fines or penalties that may occur. However, up to this moment, iteam has not been imposed any fine or/and penalty.

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