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Every organization needs a way to successfully utilize its resources, and this can be achieved with the employment of a workflow management system; Through that, the organization can define, execute and automate its business processes, often comprised by unstructured tasks. In addition, automated workflows manage the execution of various processes that may belong to the same application while in many cases they are used as a means to guarantee the offered Quality of service. iteam, has implemented BizSmart, a workflow management solution, that may by employed in a number of different industries, such as banking, telecommunications, publishing, manufacturing etc.

What BizSmart can do for you.

BizSmart™ can help the organization that needs to streamline its business processes by putting together: the flow of tasks and operations under a set of business rules, the people who are responsible for certain tasks, and the applications that are used in order to complete a task. The employment of BizSmart™ can offer a number of benefits to the organization such as:
  • better allocation of responsibilities for all personnel involved
  • minimization of errors
  • effective management and control of processes
  • maintenance of existing investments in hardware and software
  • increase of productivity by 20%-50% and
  • decrease of notification time-effort by 30%-90%.
 Besides BizSmart, iteam offers a number of tools provided by AXONiVY, that streamline, reduce delays, eliminate errors and improve compliance of critical processes. These tools work great with ARIS modeling methods while the AXONiVY BPM Suite connects people, systems and data to seamlessly orchestrate, execute and monitor processes.
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