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A single solution supporting all your Business Process Automation needs, providing immediate ROI and integration with existing systems.


BizSmart™ has been trusted by numerous companies and organizations ever since the deployment of its 1st release back in 2002.

Developed by Innovis (iteam’s Business Partner), BizSmart™ is designed to center business processes around humans and data, instead of enforcing additional inflexibility and complexity on existing structure.

A human centric, fast ROI, extensible, Business Process Automation solution.


BizSmart™ is a fully customizable solution that can support business functions:

  • across various domains (e.g. HR, administration, operations and others) and
  • across industries (banking, telecoms, insurance, services, etc).

End-to-end simplification and automation of any kind of process

Connection with:

  • Customers
  • External partners of the company
  • Other cooperating companies

Seamless integration with other applications and systems used by the company


What you gain
  • Productivity increase
  • Hassle-free execution of tasks by employees
  • Effective use of employees’ work time
  • Accurate and integrated reports that facilitate business decision making
  • Smooth operation
  • Profitability increase
  • Customer service improvement
  • Customer experience improvement
  • Remote working enablement
  • Mitigation / elimination of:
  • end-to-end process time,
  • notification time & effort,
  • delays,
  • manual data entry,
  • errors,
  • process related operational risks,
  • paper needs (and related cost),
  • hard copy storage needs (and related cost).
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