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The Smart Business Enabler

A single solution supporting  all your Business Process Automation needs, providing immediate ROI and integration with existing systems

BizSmart™ has been trusted by numerous companies and organizations ever since the deployment of its 1st release back in 2002.

Developed by Innovis (iteam’s Business Partner), BizSmart™ is designed to center business processes around humans and data, instead of enforcing additional inflexibility and complexity on existing structure.

A human  centric, fast ROI, extensible, Business Process Automation solution.

What you gain

  • productivity increase
  • hassle-free execution of tasks by employees
  • effective use of employees’ work time
  • accurate and integrated reports that facilitate business decision making
  • integration with existing systems
  • low-code capability
  • smooth operation
  • profitability increase
  • customer service improvement
  • customer experience improvement
  • remote working enablement

What you mitigate & eliminate

  • end-to-end process time
  • notification time & effort
  • delays
  • manual data entry
  • errors
  • process related operational risks
  • paper needs (and related cost)
  • hard copy storage needs (and related cost)

BizSmart™ is a fully customizable solution that can support business functions across various domains (e.g. HR, administration, operations and others) and across industries (banking, telecoms, insurance, services, etc). Its open architecture allows interfacing and full integration with existing systems & applications.

Indicative implementations include:


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