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The need

In the demanding Pharmaceuticals Industry, the management of Compliance with rules, policies, guidelines, practices, and standards is very critical and there is a great need for automation of processes with security, speed, reliability and compatibility.


Our proposal

Following the above needs, Iteam developed the Pharma Regulatory Compliance Management System, a pioneering digital solution for the management of the Quality Department, covering the basic needs for the Management of Regulated Documents, as well as the CAPA procedures and the needs for reporting and control

The Pharma Regulatory Compliance Management System is developed on the Microsoft SharePoint Platform using existing structures and maximizes the efforts and benefits for the Company.


You Benefits

Our solution covers the following areas

  • Quality document management and workflow
  • C.A.P.A. procedures
  • Management of quality deviation requests
  • Manage application changes
  • Compliance with Authorities


It is also customizable according to the needs of the company and there is ready for integration with existing DBs and QA systems

For more information, download the brochure and do not hesitate to contact us

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