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Electronic Airport Development Fee Implementation for Fraport Greece – PRESS RELEASE

iteam s.a. has successfully completed the implementation of a specialized electronic Airport Development Fee software (Air-ADF) for Fraport Greece, which has recently undertaken the management of 14 Greek regional airports. The ADF System supports all the necessary workflows (submission forms, approvals etc) for fee calculation and approval. This enables the collaboration between Fraport Greece and handlers, airlines and the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (HCAA). Air-ADF integrates with the existing Air Operational Database (AODB) and Aeronautical Billing System (ABS) of Fraport Greece, to extract and send information.

Addressing Challenges

The main challenges for the completion of the project were the tight deadline as the project was imperative to be delivered in time for the handover to Fraport Greece, and the creation of a unified user interface for four different user types (Fraport Greece, Handlers, Airlines, HCAA). iteam managed to successfully address Fraport Greece’s business needs, completing and delivering the project within the defined timeline. The Air-ADF was implemented using java technologies.

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